Welcome to the Six8tyOne Bigband!

As a former big band of the University of Cologne, we started our own business a few years ago. Named after Rheinkilometer 681 we are now successfully on the road with concerts in the Rhineland and the Ruhr area.


We mainly play pieces from the swing era that inspire you to dance directly as a listener. The repertoire includes compositions by Carter, Ellington, Mingus and the other greats of the time. In addition, there is also regular variety through Latin numbers and self-composed works by members of the band.

Besides the "normal" gigs we play in places where you wouldn't expect a big band. For example, this year in the Wuppertal Zoo. We try to inspire those people with our music who might not have thought of themselves to attend a jazz concert.


We also provide the musical setting for weddings, birthdays or other festivities. Because especially on these occasions, the Big Band is a special event that makes the celebration an unforgettable experience.


So if you are looking for a special musical program for your celebration or event, which certainly not everyone has, you have come to the right place.